I appreciate my new office space and the HVAC I had installed

I have seen a pretty good amount of change when it comes to both my job and just how I happen to make a living.

And this all came about due to economic necessity due to the crazy pandemic.

It wasn’t a month into the lock downs when I lost my job. I was a full time bartender in a pretty fancy bar. The place even had zone controlled Heating and A/C. It was a genuinely comfortable place to work, the cash was great and I enjoyed the social aspect. At the same time, I felt that I was stuck in a bit of a rut. The job was so wonderful, that I actually didn’t have any motivation to go after what I actually wanted. And that had to do with the fact that I had the desire to enjoy some solitude inside the air conditioning of my residence. Well lo and behold, that’s exactly what I gained. So the choice to start writing for pay was something that I had to jump into. I was an English and Creative Writing major in college. The word and now working with it was what I honestly wanted to do. Once the pandemic cost me that particular job, I leapt in head first. My fiance still had her job and she worked from our residence in the air conditioning comfort as well. The nature of her work forced me to get a prefab shed and put it in the backyard to work from. It’s basically the perfect office section since I’ve added the ductless heat pump. Now, I’m writing, making good money and actually doing my best to chase my true passions.

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