I did not see the sign to stop at the end of the street

A regular client called the HV AC service shop because she needed someone to service the boiler in her home.

I was assigned to help the client with the Heating and A/C repair. I left the shop around 9 in the day. The address was a short 25 minute drive from the service shop. I wasted no time evaluating the condition of the boiler. The client was cheerful when she found out that a service was going to service the problem. She was certainly distraught that the idea needed to be replaced. I spent about three or several hours working on the boiler repair. I was hungry and tired when I left the home of the customer. I drove to the end of the street and proceeded to turn right. I did not see any stop sign, because it was covered with trees. The police officer did not love that excuse when she pulled myself and others over in the next parking lot. I was being honest at that time. I did not see the stop sign and it was covered with trees and bushes. The police officer did not even supply myself and others a warning, which should have been a courtesy considering I was at work. That girl better hope she does not call our shop for help with the heat or A/C, because I might pull a couple of wires and chop it even further. I was really mad about the ticket and I felt that she was totally unfair. I wanted to get out of my automobile and walk back to the sign, however the officer threatened to pull her weapon unless I reMained seated.

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