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I told him right away about the meal prep services I had found online

Last year, I was stuck in our beach house for quite some time with everyone else. Just love other people, I ran out of some staples one afternoon. I wasn’t sure at a certain point what I was going to cook for our family. It was already too late to have a convenient delivery from a grocery store. I knew there were a couple of local steakhouses that were providing meal prep services. They did all the meal prep work, plus I simply put the food right in the oven. Everything was no contact delivery, plus I felt safe having the huge meals delivered. When our spouse got to the apartment from work, he took his shower plus threw his clothing into the washer. He was ready to join me in the house. I knew he was a bit surprised to see such a big meal waiting for him. He knew the two of us had been low on groceries, plus he also knew exactly how I felt about going to the grocery store, even if the two of us wore heavy duty masks. After finishing the delicious meal, he asked where I got all the food from. I told him right away about the meal prep services I had found online. Many of the steakhouses, although currently closed because of the pandemic, were offering full meals with no-contact delivery. They honestly did all the meal prep, plus all I had to do was heat it up in the oven. I knew it was kind of extravagant for the meal prep service, however it was the very first time the two of us had splurged on a steakhouse meal since long before the pandemic.


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