Our fireplace needed major upkeep

My fiance plus I didn’t try to use the fireplace in our beach house until a couple of weeks after we bought the venue.

All of us were already moved into the house plus all of the boxes were unpacked.

I planned to light the fireplace on a freezing plus chilly night. I decided to use a flashlight to look inside the chimney. It was a great thing that I decided to look inside of the brickwork, because I could not see any light on the other side of the chimney. I told my fiance that we could not light the fireplace plus we decided to use a space gas furnace instead. I called a contractor that handles repairs plus cleaning on heating systems plus chimneys. My fiance plus I found out that the fireplace needed major upkeep. There was a lot of soot plus blockage inside of the chimney plus all of the residue needed to be removed in order for the fireplace to function without the threat of danger. The Professional contractor repair supplier spent multiple hours 1 afternoon cleaning all of the mess. When the guy was finished, both of us happily used our fireplace for the first time. The aroma of chemicals was in the air for an hour or several, however it suddenly dissipated plus it was replaced by the aroma of burning wood. The fireplace Is one reason why we decided to buy this particular property. There aren’t a lot of houses in the neighborhood with fireplaces, however it was on the top of our list plus something we entirely did not want to supply up.


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