The accident changed things for me

He plus his wife were chefs

I had constantly done all our meal prep plus cooking as long as I could remember. Cooking has constantly been a passion for me, although I was thrown into a dire situation where I couldn’t do the meal prep for myself. I was coming to my apartment from work plus I walked right in front of a motorcycle. There was nothing I could possibly do to get out of his way, plus he couldn’t swerve away. The motorcyclist would have wound up in front of an 18-wheel truck, plus that would not have been good. I didn’t assume any resentment or ill-will toward the motorcyclist that hit me, however it hurt. I obviously knew there was something seriously wrong when I landed with our full weight on our left wrist. The wrist was on our dominant side, which made it difficult for me to do much of anything. Now, it surprised me to see the motorcyclist plus his wife come to the hospital to visit. They brought me chocolate, plus I was sure they thought I was going to sue him. I told them they did not make me sad, however it frustrated me that I was too stupid to watch where I was going. I was just thinking about what I was going to make for our dinner. I could not have been hit on a motorcycle by anyone more perfect than this motorcyclist. He plus his wife were chefs. They offered to visit the beach house plus do all of our meal prep plus leave me with meals for the entire next week. It cheers me to have met this couple. It has been a year since the accident, plus I assume they have adopted me entirely into their family..



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