The guy was trying to sell us an whole-house air purifier

Every 10 years it seems love we have to replace the heating plus a/c device in our home.

I suppose that is the national average. I wasn’t surprised when we had a repair appointment plus received exhausting news about the condition of the a/c equipment. It was late during the afternoon when the repair supplier gave us the exhausting news plus they could not complete the current AC upgrade project until the next morning. My fiance plus I didn’t mind waiting, especially since the sun was already starting to set. The next morning the crew arrived unquestionably early with everything necessary to complete the task. While the specialist was toiling on the upgrade task with, he gave to perform a free indoor air pollen levels check. He planned to look at the ductwork plus condition of the air filter. It sounded love a great system plus it was a free service. After that heating plus a/c upgrade supplier finished evaluating our ductwork, he tried unquestionably tough to sell us an whole-house air purifier. The guy had pictures of the ductwork plus all of the dust plus dirt. It was visibly unsettling, although I didn’t suppose an air cleaning equipment was necessary. My fiance plus I thanked the gentleman for performing the service, however we emphatically insisted that we did not need to purchase an air cleaning machine. I didn’t care for the pushy guy plus I even called to complain about his client repair skills. He was there to install the current equipment plus not to upsell me something that wasn’t necessary.

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