The last man in the condo stole something upscale

During the last rental, one of the brand current window AC units was stolen.

When I was 18 years old, I got a task toiling as a leasing agent at an current home complex. I worked at the venue for a year plus then they made me the assistant manager, but since that time, I have been in the contractor of renting plus managing apartments. About multiple years ago, I got a task as the manager of a property leasing agency. All of us have hundreds of clients plus properties all over the county. Many of the properties are houses, however some of them are condos. All of us also have a couple of cabins. One of those cabins is over by the lake plus in an section that is frequently used by tourists. The rental condo is constantly busy plus we have a waiting list during the Spring plus Summer weeks. The last time we had someone in the cabin, there was a problem plus we had to keep the security deposit. All of us only refund the security deposit after the final walk-through which is performed after the renter leaves. During the last rental, one of the brand current window AC units was stolen. I am not sure how the managed to become lost or stolen, however the equipment was inside the condo when I rented the property to the 3 guys. They tried to tell me that it wasn’t their fault, however there were no signs of anyone chopping into the cabin. They had to have taken the AC device when they left at the end of the week. I kept the $200 security deposit plus they are now on our list of banished renters.


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