The odor was unbearable, but I tried to persevere

My neighbor doesn’t prefer to spend and unquestionably long amount of time at my apartment.

My neighbor as well as myself have been friends for an unquestionably long amount of time but the two of us rarely spend any time at my cabin.

I was starting to wonder if there was an issue that I didn’t know about and I asked a couple of friends for their opinion. One thing they brought up was the smell from the dogs inside of my cabin. Even though I was spraying some air freshener, the smell from the dogs still seem to linger inside of the cabin. When I finally asked my neighbor for a reason, the indoor air quality was the top thing on the list. This why is how I absolutely found out that the guy was picky about indoor are pollen levels. The guy was all so particular about indoor climate control. The both of us unquestionably has some noticeable differences between our Apartments. The guy made sure to tell me that the indoor air quality is a big deal to him and the smallest smells seem to bother the guy a lot. He has a whole cabin media air purifier in the house that frequently cleans the air and keeps the ductwork clean. My home is nothing like that. The places a lot more lived in and it seems like the place where people would want to hang out. I don’t regret that difference, but it does make me feel a little bit bad.


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