The hotel had the best air conditioning ever

It was time to go on our annual getaway with our fiance.

We’d made it a habit to book a hotel in late Summer somewhere new and spend time there for about a week.

This was a tradition the two of us planned to keep even after getting married and hopefully having kids. My fiance was quite skilled at finding unique locales with the best rates. The latest locale was about more than three hours drive from our home, and the two of us looked forward to spending some time away. She called to inquire about the booking the morning before the two of us left. Both of us passed by the neighborhood to get a few things the two of us needed from the store, then drove on the lovely highway with songs blasting. The hotel was even lovelier when the two of us got there, and so was the welcoming get-together. Both of us got assistance with our luggage and got checked in before heading to the villa. I noticed the reception area had the best cooling system, and so did our fiance. Both of us spoke in length about the lovely AC with our escort, who was taking us to the villa. The guy was so enthusiastic the two of us liked the cooling system and explained the hotel prided itself on comfort. Every two months, a team of AC experts from the local HVAC corporation would come to the hotel. That sitting visit aimed to repair all the units and ensure none would break down while guests were around. Both of us saw the diligence in this once the two of us got to the villa, and it was nice and cool. Both of us laid back on the bed and let the cool air relax our bodies.

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