The portable air purification system was no longer working for her asthma.

When I brought our baby cabin from the hospital, she was suffering with asthma. I panicked the first time she quit breathing plus turned red. I made a mad dash to the emergency room, in hopes of getting there before she died on me. They told me she had asthma, plus I had to have a vaporizer plus wash air for her. As soon as I got her cabin plus was comfortable, our Dad sat with her while I went to town. I bought a cool air vaporizer plus a portable air purification system for the nursery. I wanted to make sure our baby was going to be okay. The air purification system worked well for about a year, however it wasn’t doing plus I liked. I called our HVAC supplier plus asked about purchasing a whole cabin air purification system for our HVAC system. They told me they had one that used a UV light, plus the other simply utilized HEPA air filters. I wanted the best for our child. It took a couple afternoons for them to order the parts I needed for our HVAC system, so I could have the best air purification idea for our daughter. Dad plus I made sure the vaporizer was always filled with water, plus all of us kept the air purification system running. After almost a week, I had the whole cabin air purification idea running. I had to call the HVAC supplier plus ask if there was something wrong with our air purification system because I couldn’t hear it running.. They came out about numerous weeks later to inspect the idea plus change the air filters.

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