A call came in from a lady who wanted quality Heating and A/C equipment, then she said they had a gas furnace plus were hoping to look at bizarre heating plus AC products to help with indoor comfort, back at the time, I was an apprentice plus was yet to learn the art of asking relevant questions to understand and direct homeowners towards the best new Heating and A/C systems for their homes, however the Heating and A/C specialist was installing a programmable thermostat plus doing an Heating and A/C tune-up, then on a proper afternoon, I would have joined up alongside him, however someone had to be present in the office to receive some orders. The lady also wanted their dial thermostat to replace something more current to allow their new idea to be more energy efficient. I did my best to recommend a ductless Heating and A/C, but I thought it would be better if she talked to the real professional, preferably in person, so I asked her to come to the new comfort business when she had time. She told me that she would send a representative from the school to take care of the matter in person. That is when it occurred to me that she was desperate to talk to a commercial Heating and A/C provider. The misunderstanding was something I could have averted if I had asked the right questions. I provided her the name of a commercial Heating and A/C business plus asked her to look for more information on the web. She would also be able to view the commercial Heating and A/C for sale they had, which helps them slender down on their options. Now that I am a certified professional, I look back at that same day and I cannot help but be proud of my progress in my work.

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