enthusiastic to retire for years leading up to the occasion, I tend to find myself becoming bored and looking for things to do. That's why recently when my cooling system component was out in my garage I thought I would take on getting it finally working again instead of calling an HVAC supplier and having them do it. While I am used to finally working with my hands, it did not take long for me to get the feeling I was doing more harm than good! Luckily when I did call to have an HVAC tech come out they were able to come out that easily this morning. In this new age it seems like there aren’t multiple workers out there that still want to do things the right way and actually put in that sweat equity. Well, I believe for particular that this HVAC tech Benjamin that helped me out isn’t one of the new age lazy people! Ben was able to substitute the defective space of the cooling system unit, get freezing air blowing one more, and even waived the labor fee because he said he was grateful for the conversation with him while he was finally working. That type of work and respect is going far above and beyond, ladies and gentleman! While I am retired, it is great to see that even the younger generations still have hard working boys and ladies to lead them for the next forty years!

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