The heaven-sent commercial HVAC provider who saved my life

I had been working as an HVAC technician for one of the major home comfort businesses in the state for a couple of years.

  • We dealt with the installation and servicing of quality HVAC equipment both in residential and commercial properties.

During this time, I believe that I saw my share of the good, bad, and downright ugly when it came to heat and AC products. Though I was working on advanced new HVAC systems, I had a simple furnace that I later upgraded to a zoned HVAC just to even out the temperatures at home. It so happened that the Monday after the long weekend, we found the ductless HVAC broken down. We were met with chilly air when we got to the office that Monday. Despite that, everyone took up their responsibility as we had services to offer regardless of the condition of our working space. The office was so cold that it felt like there was no difference between the outdoors and indoors. Being the tech of the company, I and my colleagues did a comprehensive HVAC tune-up on the unit and also checked the dial thermostat. After a short time, we realized that the system was damaged beyond repair because of an electric surge caused by the storm. I visited the commercial HVAC provider who was able to guide me on the most suitable new HVAC system for the HVAC company. The supplier had a commercial HVAC for sale promotion ongoing including for thermostats. We were able to purchase a system that would help with indoor comfort without breaking the bank. And the day was saved! The new system was installed within that same day.