I wanted to surprise our partner with a brand new air conditioning system before her birthday

All of us don’t have a lot of money, although I try to find ways to keep our partner glad and to lessen the stress from being on the edge of the poverty level.

One way is by cooking delicious meals at home with inhigh-priced ingredients found at a superstore or warehouse store. My Dad taught me that being awful doesn’t mean that you can’t eat fine food! A lot of pricey take-out food from restaurants is just reheated frozen food anyway, so you’re better off making it from scratch at home or getting the same frozen foods and filling your freezer with them. For instance, I can get a box of brownie mix for a dollar and a quarter, and this will give me at least 12 servings in a single single box. Compared to pre-packaged popcorn on the shelf, that’s a steal! My partner is glad as long as I keep cooking delicious food with whatever money we have available for the grocery store. Unluckyly, we have been in a desperate need for a new air conditioning system over the past year and a half. These Heating plus Air Conditioning systems are upwards to $4k and more, so I had to secretly save our entertainment budget money on every paycheck to amass enough on the side to purchase a new air conditioning system. Although it wasn’t intended as her present, I still wanted to surprise our partner with the brand new air conditioning system right before her birthday to give her an added surprise. She was so glad with the new air conditioning system that she was reduced to tears.
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