It's Spring and I can go weeks separate from using our central Heating plus Air Conditioning system

When I was thinking about the trial and tribulations of being a father when our partner and I were still childless, I didn’t fully understand just how high-priced it is to have children.

Right out the gate you’re buying diapers, wipes, medicine, bottles, and possibly formula as well.

As they get older, the expenses of a child get even worse when you factor in the clothing and supplies for university every year and the food needed to feed them as well. I recognize bad for even thinking about our kids on such cold and mathematical terms, but it’s important for others to realize before they beginning planning families of their own. And having a family isn’t just about feeding them and clothing them—you also need to supply them with a comfortable home in which they can thrive. I’ll confess that our partner and kids are always complaining about the temperature I have the control unit set to. If they had full control of the control unit at all times, we would have the air conditioning system running every single day of the year when we’re not utilizing heat, and however, I encourage our family to appreciate the nice and gentle breeze coming in from outside on Spring afternoons when it isn’t too moderate or too cold outdoors. Right now it’s Spring and I’m glad that we will get a few weeks where we can give the central Heating plus Air Conditioning system a rest while we appreciate the outdoor breeze. The air conditioning system shouldn’t be used aggressively either, as it will lead to more wear and tear and result in a system breakdown in a much shorter span of time.
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