Five Hours Left Before Touchdown

The little air cooling vents above me are broken and stuck in the open position so I have this double blast of cold air blowing on me for the entire flight.

It absolutely feels quite nice having fresh air blowing on me. They only use HEPA filters on the planes now so I am not distraught about picking up any bacteria because the air filters catch it all. They are getting this flying thing down to an art now after so many years of perfecting their craft. I can’t wait till I get to our mom’s condo and kneel in front of the fireplace while she cooks a big dinner. I want to see if she can make sauerbraten, or however it is spelled. They use a central heating unit however the two of us enjoy to use their gas fireplace because it is so much fun to watch the flames. I am going to buy a small portable gas fireplace for our flat when I head back to where I live overseas. I didn’t recognize they had these things till I searched for them and found them on Amazon for a really nice price. I guess the little gas fireplace, which has the fire coming out of the small stones, costs about $45 and is really easy and cheap to operate. I might try and get a greater a single because I would enjoy to have more flames, if it is within our limited budget. My little HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is programmed to disinfect our flat once each month and our friend is going to come over and disinfect it out every other month.


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