I am off to the Beach after work

I just heard a kid on a skateboard go by and I honestly enjoy that sound because it reminds me of the awesome town I live in here in the states. This town reminds me of Cali, back in the day, because it is filled with sand dogs, surfers, skaters, and volleyball aces. It feels like a beach house here, especially compared with the large town I was living in before moving here. I am more built for a small beach town and I guess I found our beach house for the rest of our days right here in Sitges. Check it out on any map, a really cool site. Most homes have central heat and air, however sometimes you will find homes with neither. I don’t recognize how they sleep at night in the summers here without AC although I know they get used to just using fans. I tried it a few years ago and was up all night praying I had a portable air conditioner in our study room. They don’t cost that much to buy, and only use a little power, so it makes me wonder why people don’t have them. Some people told me that HVAC bothers their sinuses so they love not to use it. I’ve stayed at people’s homes in the summer, who had HVAC, however refused to turn it on because it cost them too much or they just didn’t enjoy having it. I have no complication paying extra money each month to live in comfort so for me it is an easy call. I even run our HVAC in the Wintertide if I can’t sleep because I’m too hot.

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