I can’t afford a new central a/c

I can’t afford a new central a/c, plus I am actually pretty sad about that.

  • I didn’t expect to have to purchase a new central a/c, although I guess that I didn’t think that my central a/c was in such poor condition.

I thought that my central a/c was pretty old. The central a/c was installed when the home was built, plus that was nearly several decades ago. Honestly, it is impressive that the central a/c lasted this long. It must have been designed pretty well. I have rarely had to get the central a/c repaired since the central a/c was built pretty well. However, the central a/c suddenly stopped working, plus I had to call an Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer. When the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier came to my house, he initially told me that he knew what was wrong with my central a/c plus that it would not be hard to repair. However, when he began researching the area that I needed for my central a/c, he had weird news, and apparently, the parts for that central a/c has been discontinued a number of years ago, plus he couldn’t find the area that my central a/c needed anywhere. He told me that the only thing that he could do was upgrade my central a/c. I had no idea what to do. It had happened so quickly, plus I wasn’t prepared to purchase a new central a/c. I guess that I am going to have to live without the central a/c for a bit while I save up.