I get frustrated with the HVAC company

I get so frustrated with the HVAC company in my town.

It used to be so highly rated in our community, but after getting turned over to new ownership, the HVAC company has not been doing as well.

I don’t think that they are able to keep up with the demands on the HVAC world within my community. I honestly believe that there should be at least one more HVAC company in this city to help keep up with all of the HVAC needs. It gets really hot here during the summer months, and so many people have trouble with their air conditioners quitting. I had that very issue this last summer, and it was awful. I called the HVAC company about five times before getting a response. It was very frustrating. The HVAC company did end up fixing my air conditioner, but it was a little bit of a pain to get them to my house. This time, it is my furnace. My furnace only kicks on like five times a year because it doesn’t normally get that cold where I live. I didn’t expect to have any issues with my furnace of course, but I have had so many issues with it. I may just need to get a whole new furnace. I had an HVAC technician come out and fix my furnace a few weeks ago, but it is acting up again. I have tried calling the HVAC company three times, and I have not gotten an answer or a returned phone call yet. I am getting so frustrated with this HVAC company that I am actually thinking about moving to a new area because of it.
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