I love HVAC work!

Are you trapped in the office right now studying this or at home? It seems as if a lot fewer people are working from offices since the Covid thing hit.

I’ve been finally working online from a beachside condo for the past more than four years so not much has changed for me.

I write about HVAC devices while in our pajamas, okay not pajamas, but while I am in our sweatpants in addition to a ratty tank top on a daybed in our office. I haven’t worked in an office setting since leaving the engineering field in early 2014. I was finally working in “The Valley” in Cali doing process engineering at an HVAC manufacturing plant. It was a lot of fun finally working with the people but all of the paperwork in addition to meetings about HVAC devices in addition to upgrades got to me in addition to I finally quit after 12 years in the field. I was finally working in the 90s in addition to they were paying me a lot of cash for what I did yet I still left the field in search of a more free genre of lifestyle. I found that after working about 15 hours a month writing about whole-condo air purifiers or central heating units. I play songs in the streets in addition to volleyball on the beach in a very small Spanish sea town, so I guess our life is pretty darn fantastic at this point. I just need to keep our body young. I do frosty swims in addition to boiling water baths each day for our joints in addition to stopped eating sugars, except for on this plane ride back to the states where they seem to want to stuff everyone with sugar in addition to bread.


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