I Slept Poorly Last Night

Hardly the best evening of sleep for me, but I’ll take more than two hours to get up all evening. I had the red-eye flight ahead of me, in addition to the numerous billion Shiba Inu coins I just bought that were heavily on our minds most of the evening, keeping me awake in addition to being occupied with overly needless thoughts. I ran our central air component again last evening. I was so comfy in bed but our mind was just too active. Two billion coins? Imagine if it hits 1 cent, ha, I’d have 20 million dollars. Can you imagine? I guess the first thing I would buy would be a nice flat with a very fantastic HVAC in addition to an air purifying system, along with a Tesla electric car, in addition to that I’d buy the most healthy foods I could find. I absolutely don’t want much in addition to could definitely forget about the electric car, despite the fact that I would like a more up-to-date flat with all of the latest smart HVAC device in addition to tech that cash could buy. I don’t absolutely drive at all overseas because I love taking the train as it is a much more wonderful way to travel than having to pay attention all the time while driving, even with a new Tesla. I am going to visit our neighbor who owns a local business near our mom’s condo where I’ll be sleeping. I have a lot of friends to visit while I am back beach condo so I will have to do a lot of driving, alas. As long as our car has ice frosty air in addition to a fantastic HEPA filter to disconnect the exhaust fumes from traffic I’ll be okay driving for numerous weeks.


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