My ceiling vents get full of dust quickly if I don’t clean them regularly

I’m taking the opportunity this weekend to clean my entire house from top to bottom.

  • When I was a kid, we all shared chores but I was often given the task of sweeping and dusting before my sister would finish with mopping and wiping with a sanitizing solution.

I learned from an early age that it was absolutely essential to keep the house clean on a regular basis so you don’t have so much to do all at once. While I don’t have any help at my current age, I still try to find whatever time I can outside of work to get these things done. Sometimes I’ll put on a movie while I clean so I can enjoy myself while I get the house looking good again. One chore that never seems to let up is dusting the house, but that comes with living in a climate like mine that is so incredibly dusty. The dust particles get in from outside whenever I open doors or windows, something that most people don’t think twice about. I have an air purifier in my living room, but it can’t magically collect all of the dust in my house that comes in from outside. Even the HVAC filters don’t catch all of the extraneous dust particles, because I often find them clinging to a/c vents on the ceiling. If I don’t stay on top of this chore, the vents will get dusty fairly quickly. And it’s inevitable for that dust to blow onto interior surfaces and furniture when air pushes from behind as it exits the ductwork.


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