Overseeing the HVAC installation with a serious hangover

I had not seen my friend, Emah in person for ten years now.

When we finished college, she flew out to Europe for work.

Even when she moved across the world, we would talk and video call every other day. Emah told me that she was coming back to the country in a week. I was elated by this news. Since she would be staying with me, I decided to have the multi-split air conditioning system go through comprehensive HVAC maintenance. When I called the air conditioning company, they said the next available a/c serviceman would be after a week. All the indoor comfort businesses I called gave me similar responses, I could not get an available specialist anytime soon so I chose the one with the least wait time, even then, they would not be here until my friend was already in the country. When she landed in the country we went straight home, she took a nap albeit in a hot room. The standing fans helped with the air quality a bit. Later in the evening, we went out clubbing. We drank and enjoyed ourselves so much that by the time we got to the house just as the day was breaking. The quality air conditioner had since completely stopped functioning and so had the thermostat. The air conditioning technician arrived three hours after we got home. I was seriously hungover but I had to oversee the air conditioning repair. The specialist established that I would need an HVAC installation. The local air conditioning provider gave us a discount on the new unit and had it delivered. It was smart to employ a professional that knows more about air conditioning and the cooling industry as we would not have survived the heat that day plus the hangover.
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