The condensate line needs to be cleaned at least once or twice a year

I just bought a new 50 foot garden hose that reaches to nearly every location within my front and back lawn.

After having a landscaping company add plants to the property, I have to stay on top of the watering or they will wilt away and die.

The new garden hose is also durable and should break with leaks like the previous one did. But a quality hose isn’t just good for water plants, flowers, and trees. I also plan to use it for cleaning out my rain gutters to avoid roofing leaks. Its size makes it ideal for pulling onto the roof for maintenance cleaning. Some would balk at my boldness of standing on the roof with a hose like this, but I try to be as careful as possible about not falling off. Recently I found a new use for my garden hose that differs from any that I have used in the past. I learned from a DIY blog that I can clean the condensate line in my own central air conditioner by using some bleach, a shop vacuum, and a garden hose. You put the vacuum nozzle on the opening of the condensate line outside where the water drips onto the ground. Then you pour straight bleach down the opening of the condensate line at your air handler before chasing it with water from your garden hose. The whole process was done in under an hour, and now I know my condensate line is clean and ready for another 6 to 12 months of constant air conditioner use.