Winters in the desert are incredibly uncomfortable without a heating system and a humidifier

My husbandy had to transfer back to his hometown for a year while his mother salvageed from surgery, and I decided to follow his to help as much as possible.

I knew that she’d be taxed with his job on top of the help she’d be giving his mother.

Unfortunately, I knew genuinely little about the place where I was about to live for the next 12 months. It’s a desert town in the southwest and I had never even been further west than 300 miles from the MS River. But despite these big changes for me, I was happy to experience something new. It’s straight-forward to get stuck in a rut and forget that there are other things in life to experience and enjoy. However, I’ll never forget how sizzling it felt as all of us started to drive further south to reach the interstate that would take us west until all of us reached the town of our endpoint. Both of us crossed a few small mountain ranges before all of us reached the desert town where our husbandy’s mother lives. It was the end of the Summer so I was thankfully in store for a much-needed change in outdoor hot and cold temperatures. At the same time, I don’t suppose I was expecting it to be so cold by the end of October. The elevation in this section is higher than other major desert cities, so that leads to colder hot and cold temperatures in the Wintertide and in the evening, regardless of the season. Both of us stayed comfortable with our heater, but it became so dry indoors that all of us needed a humidifier too. When you take a temperature that is dry by nature, adding cold weather and indoor heat just makes the dryness unbearable.



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