Adding a window tint for security reasons

I recently moved an hour down south into the country, then i now have a quaint little lake house surrounded by woods.

I am totally private plus secluded.

I have acres of property for the first time in my life. I like it! The only snag is that being so secluded means that I am a bit uneasy at night, however with neighbors on each side of me, I don’t worry about cut ins as much. I guess I could yell plus someone is coming to my aid or calling the cops, then at my current house, nobody would hear me for miles, being a single guy under thirty, being in my house at night is slightly alarming, and for peace of mind I have upped my security measures. I have surveillance all around my house. I have security cameras, motion activated lights, window plus door locks with a code. Another precaution was adding a window tint. I now have darkened windows from the outside. What is honestly great is that from the inside I have a clear view. I only keep curtains in the dining room to block out light when I sleep, however other than that, I can see outside 24/7. It is nice if I hear a sound in the middle of the night. I can get out my binoculars plus peek outside without anyone seeing me. It also makes me think a lot more secure when I transport around my house. The window tint was fairly cheap for what I got out of it too. I request all single men who are afraid to do this.
Residential Window Film