All I wanted was a hotel with a cooling system

On our last holiday together, my best neighbor and I longed to go to the desert.

  • Our goal was to camp out in the desert just to find out how cool it got when the sun was nowhere in sight.

He was of the opinion it would be boiling when the sun was up, but we would shiver at night. I was unsure, and the only way to find out if it was the truth was to go camping in the desert. The first night we spent in the desert was epic. There was so much to do at the campground and we met a lot of cool people. The night after wasn’t as much fun because there was no cooling system in sight. Both of us were weary of sleeping on the ground. It was then, we chose to head to the next hotel we came across. The only thing we longed for was a place that had accommodation and a/c. I would have thought there would be plenty of motels in the desert, but unless you got to a large town, we found only a few. One motel didn’t even offer air conditioning. It was a charming place that looked like it came out of the deserts of Mexico. But, its downside was lacking an AC. We didn’t even want to stop. We drove for so many miles before we found a hotel that advertised a cooling system. I shouldn’t have been so shocked to go inside and hear they didn’t have any vacancies. We drove further down the road and found another place that the clerk had told us to check out.



a/c care plan