I couldn't hear anything over the AC unit

The two of us work as meditation teachers.

The two of us have been doing this for at least a year and the two of us recognize that this task typically has been ready for me to take it. I feel amazingly fluid as well as aligned with my chakras as well as my spirit in life. Teaching yoga and meditation is a journey for all of us just like sitting in the meditation room has been happy for personal growth. The two of us started teaching these meditation classes around town as well as the two of us truly noticed that the air conditioner was impactful to the meditation session. In my home, the air conditioner is an incredibly quiet machine. The studio has a loud air conditioner and it is hard to forget about the sound when we are trying to practice acceptance. The Mind tends to wonder when it hears all of these noises. I talked to many of the clients through the distraction and invite them to actually think about the sound of the AC system. The two of us try to keep that as a focal point instead of running or trying to avoid it. The air conditioner easily has a manual feature genuinely different than an automatic timer and that can mean to adjust the air conditioner on as well as off. It has certainly offered us some incredible teaching experience when we can talk to the clients and have them think about something other than the strange sounds that they hear.


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