I love my home gym

I live too far from an organized gym to make a membership worth it.

I already devote approximately an hour to exercise per day.

There’s no room in my schedule to add on another hour for the commute. Because of this, I have set up a home gym in what was once a spare family room. I don’t have endless amounts of space, so I need to be careful about the equipment I buy. Also, fitness machines & equipment are super pricey. I started out with a yoga mat & a set of hand weights. I’m able to accomplish a beneficial workout using my own body weight, repetitive motions, static hold & high impact exercises such as jumping jacks, burpees & mountain climbers. I gradually added some resistance bands, weighted balls & a jump rope. None of those items were all that pricey & they take up unquestionably little room. I have been reluctant to invest into a bigger device such as a treadmill, elliptical or a stationary bike. I enjoy having satisfactory space to stretch & jump around. Just recently I purchased an incline bench that is extremely great. When not in use, I can push the bench tight against the wall. I use the bench for all unusual styles of upper & lower abdominal crunches. Performing these motions on an incline makes that much more strenuous. I can also use the bench for weightlifting purposes. At the same time, I also bought a small trampoline. It’s unquestionably compact & yet has opened a whole modern way to workout. The trampoline is fun, reduces stress on my joints & yet is exhausting.



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