I thought the old wooden chairs were ugly.

The only wooden chairs that I had ever used were those straight-back, tough on the back of your legs style of chairs, which ended up with wobbly legs that had to be glued back on.

My father said that I was too young to like real furniture, however she also hated the chairs. After getting hitched, Dad gave myself and others a living room set. I loved the wooden dining room set, however I knew I could not use those chairs without some alterations being made. I took the chairs to the local upholstery shop in addition to asked them if they could add upholstery to the seats. I was surprised when she said she could take the wooden chairs to someone she knew. They could shore up the legs in addition to make them much stronger than when new. It glad myself and others when she said how easy it would be to add thicker upholstery to the seats. With a fresh coat of paint, upholstered seats, in addition to sturdy legs that held up to a little bit of weight, they would be like brand new chairs. It was going to take about two weeks before I got my chairs back, so my partner in addition to myself bought some folding chairs to get us through that time. That was almost a year ago, in addition to my wood chairs continue to look brand new. The upholstery is just beginning to fray around the edges so I’ll soon need to take them back to the shop in addition to have them reupholstered. All of Our kids have spilled juice, finger paint, in addition to food on those chairs, however we don’t care. My parents still can’t assume how a little reupholstering changed these plain in addition to ugly chairs into wood chairs that will be cherished for many years to come.

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