I was traveling through the desert, and the hotel didn't have air conditioning.

On our last vacation together, my best friend and I wanted to go to the desert.

We had plans to camp out in the desert just to find out how cool it got at night.

My brother told me it was scorching hot during the day, and he would shiver at night. I didn’t believe him, and the only way to find out if it was the truth was to go camping in the desert. The first night we spent in the desert was more of an adventure. We had a lot of fun at the campground and met a lot of cool people. The second night wasn’t nearly as much fun because we had no air conditioning, and we were tired of sleeping on the ground. It was then, we planned to stop at the next hotel we came across. The only thing we were looking for was a hotel that had air conditioning. I would have thought there would be a lot of hotels in the desert, but unless you got to a big town, there was nothing. One hotel didn’t even offer air conditioning. It was a beautiful hotel that looked like it came out of the deserts of Mexico, but without air conditioning, we didn’t even want to stop. We had to drive one hundred miles before we found a hotel that advertised air conditioning. I shouldn’t have been surprised to go inside and find out they didn’t have any vacancies. We had to go down the road another twenty-five miles, but we already knew they had air conditioning.

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