I would rest there until the mosquitos started to bite

I once explained to a colleague that we lacked an AC at home until I was a teen.

This prompted him to say I was lying and laughed out loud to attract people’s attention.

My colleague proceeded to give examples of dates when AC units were available in homes everywhere, and how it was much earlier than when I went through childhood. I was too stunned to respond so I just let him talk. After he finished his tirade, I informed my colleague that we didn’t have AC because it was too expensive. I was well aware many homes had AC units at that time. Most of my friends loved air conditioners, however they didn’t come from a low-income home. Their parents were in business, or there was AC in the apartment when they purchased it. I have fond memories of when mom came home with our first window air conditioner unit. She had it installed in their kitchen and had fans to blow it through the upstairs so we could all benefit from the AC. I didn’t mind not having the best AC back then. I’d get a blanket and pillow on the roof outside my room. I’d sleep there until the mosquitoes started to bite. Only then would I go inside where it wasn’t as cool to get away from the mosquitoes. I was sure that would shut him up, but he had some insane things about mosquitoes biting when there weren’t any lights. I just left wishing the AC discussion hadn’t been brought up. My other colleagues were saying he wasn’t the brightest and now laughing at him.


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