I’m sick of this unwanted guest

I’m so sick of having my friend crashing at my place.

It was supposed to be temporary, but I don’t think Angela has any intention of leaving.

Her clothes are all over the house, and I had even found a blouse on the dining room table. Her trash is everywhere, and I am constantly cleaning up after her. I have never been 1 to have an overflowing trash can, however since Angela had been staying with me, the condition of my home has gone downhill. She is a messy guest who does not do much cleaning up after herself. Recently, I came home from work and the whole place was so cold that I was sure that the HVAC system was broken. I got out the phone to call a heating and cooling serviceman, but just at that moment, Angela came out and admitted that she had tampered with the thermostat. That’s when I realized that I had enough of her never-ending chain of annoying events. The previous week, I called the Heating and Air Conditioning tech to schedule my annual Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance and air conditioner filter replacement. The cooling expert was on his way out after ringing the bell for about 20 minutes before Angela finally answered the door. She bombarded him with questions about heat and AC products claiming that she wanted to buy quality Heating and Air Conditioning for her new townhome. The modern Heating and Air Conditioning would have to incorporate energy-efficient cooling technology because she did not want anything below par. She made him tell her all about the brands in the cooling industry and told him she would personally call him for the air conditioner replacement; Her home needed help with indoor comfort, however it had been a month, and she had not even made any effort towards actually moving out. She kept talking about contacting a modern supplier, however it was all talk.



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