Looking for a window unit for the bedroom

When my husband and I moved earlier this year, we lost the box with our holiday decorations.

In the fall, I tried to buy up-to-date Christmas decorations for our condo, but they were all sold out.

It was the beginning of October, and somehow there wasn’t a Christmas decoration to be had, unless you wanted an open package or something slightly broken. The inconveniences continue to pile on. For example, this year, my husband went looking for an up-to-date window air conditioner device for our bedroom. Our aged air conditioner was still in excellent condition, but it was so heavy that it was difficult for my husband to lift it with his bad back. He went to the shopping center in search of an up-to-date window cooling system. He found several up-to-date ones, however none of them were the size needed for our bedroom window. When he got back, I decided to call some local home stores and heating and cooling companies to see if I could have better luck. Call after call, I kept hearing that same thing. There were no window units available in that size, but they’d give me a call back if they heard of one coming available. Finally, someone did call us back. An HVAC company let us know that one of their clients had bought a window A/C device just to get them through until their central A/C device was repaired! He was willing to sell it to me for what he paid for it, with a partial discount since it was no longer brand new.

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