My place is a total mess

There were clothes all over the house… I had even found a tank top hanging on the door handle to the house.

I would not be surprised if I saw her underwear in the dishwasher at this rate.

I have never been 1 to have an overflowing trash can, but since Anna had been staying with me, the condition of our house had gone downhill. She was a messy guest who did not do much cleaning up after herself, however the last incident with her was when she set the programmable control unit so low and fell asleep. When I came home from work, it felt as though I was walking into a frosty room. My first thought was to call the Heating & Air Conditioning professional, but Anna chose that moment to step in and comment on how she must have tampered with the a/c, and at that point, I had enough of her never-ending chain of annoying events. The previous week, I called the Heating & Air Conditioning tech to confirm that there would be someone home for the Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance and a/c filter upgradement. The cooling expert was on his way out after ringing the bell for almost an hour before she finally turned up. She bombarded him with questions about heat and AC products claiming that she wanted to buy quality Heating & Air Conditioning for her new apartment. The new Heating & Air Conditioning would have to incorporate energy-efficient cooling technology because she did not want anything substandard. She made him tell her all about the brands in the cooling industry and told him she would personally call him for the a/c installation, then her apartment needed help with indoor comfort, but it had been three weeks, and she had not even made any indication that she was leaving. She kept talking about contacting a new dealer, but it was all talk. I don’t think she has an apartment lined up at all.



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