Need to adjust as you get older

When I was in high school, I never needed to worry about what I ate or how much I was working out.

  • I was regularly involved in a variety of athletic interests & burned a tremendous amount of calories.

I ran track & cross-country, played soccer & basketball & took gymnastics & roller bladed. I continued to play club volleyball in school, which kept me active. Once I entered the workforce, my schedule became more busy. I suddenly needed to make time to workout everyday & pay attention to my diet. I was still able to maintain a healthy body weight & fitness level by training approximately half an hour per day. In my thirties, I increased my workouts to a minimum of 45 minutes every afternoon & picked up the intensity. I also became a vegan & eliminated all fast & processed foods from my diet. In my 40s, I once again bumped up the dedication to physical fitness. I started working out at least an hour every day & was more conscientious about a thorough warmup, stretch & cool down. I included a relaxing deal of high impact aerobics as well as concentrated strength training & balance exercises. I’m now in my mid 50s & have noticed another shift in my body. My metabolism has legitimately slowed down, & it’s become far too easy to carry an extra few pounds in my tummy. I haven’t slowed down on my focus on exercise & healthy eating. I continue to push myself to workout longer & harder than ever. At the end of a training session, I’m regularly drenched in sweat, breathing hard & tired.

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