Special event facility solution

It is taxing to get things going in our town, and we are always trying to organize special events that bring people in, but a big event has always been Harley days.

We cater to motorcycle lovers plus create a weekend of fun; There are bands, food vendors plus beer tents.

Typically the Harley days suck! I am determined to make it better. I have worked with the local suppliers plus food trucks are going to be there this time. There is going to be more than just a single beer tent this time as well. I have gotten a stage plus local bands ready to play for entertainment. The local suppliers are even setting up tents with items for sale, then since I am hoping to encourage people in neighborhood to hang around plus linger, having powder rooms is a must. I used to organize porta potties for pretty much everyone. The porta potties would get super hot, stinky plus be an eyesore, then right now I am working with a portable facility company that does portable restroom solutions, but you Can design a powder room all online that is technically a shipping container. I can decide how numerous toilets, stalls, urinals plus sinks. I can choice localement. I can even choose to do female, male or unisex powder rooms. The portable restrooms can have doors, windows plus locks as well. What is good is that the portable powder rooms are weatherproof, air tight plus ADA compliant, but everyone will appreciate having a better powder room set up. I am so cheerful the company offers special event facility solutions.


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