The temperature control in a gym is key

Because I workout every single day, having a good space for my home gym is crucial.

When my partner & I retired, all of us moved south & downsized to a smaller house.

I was excited by the lanai builts across the back of the residence. The lanai features a smooth cement floor, eight-foot ceilings & a clear view of a natural lake. The back entire wall is constructed of screens & allows in a charming breeze. The fresh air helps to prevent unpleasant smells, however for most of the year, the open-air style gym isn’t a concern. I’ve set up a mini trampoline, incline bench & stationary bike in the space. I’ve invested into a set of hand weights, resistance bands, yoga mat & a jump rope. There is more than enough room for myself and others to go through all different types of stretches, abdominal crunches, push-ups, lunges, squats, jumping jacks & burpees. I devote about an hour to a combination of strength training & high impact aerobics. In the center of the winter, there are about a few weeks when the weather is super cold. I wait until midday to workout & bundle up in layers of clothing. The cold conditions make it hard to get warmed up & loosen up my joints. I feel stiff & tight & worry about injury. For a couple of weeks while I was in the summer, I had the opposite problem. The weather is brutally warm & humid. I try to get up early & exercise before the heat of the day sets in. I plug in a box fan & kneel directly in front of it. I still sweat profusely, feel sluggish & have trouble getting motivated.
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