They spouted out dates when cooling systems were available

The other day we spoke with some people about not having a cooling system when we grew up. We were shocked when they started calling us liars and wanting to make us appear foolish. They continued to spout out the dates when cooling systems were available in homes everywhere, and how it was much earlier than when we went through childhood. We quietly stood there and allowed them to finish. That’s when we informed them that we didn’t have a cooling system because they were expensive. We knew many folks who had cooling systems in their homes. All our neighbors had cooling systems, but they didn’t have 10 kids to raise. Their parents were managers with excellent jobs, or there was AC in the home when they bought it. We have fond memories of when mom and dad bought their first window cooling system unit. It was set up in the living room and had fans to blow it through the upstairs so we could all benefit from the AC. We were okay with not having a perfect cooling system as kids. We’d lay blankets and pillows on the living room floor. We’d sleep there until the mosquitoes started to bite. That’s when we went to our rooms where it wasn’t as cool to get away from the mosquitoes. We thought this would shut them up, but they had some harsh things to say about mosquitoes biting when there were not any lights, and we walked away. We wished the cooling system conversation hadn’t been brought up. All it did was make these people look foolish and we could no longer hang out with them.

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