Trouble focusing with my loud HVAC

Have you ever found it difficult to focus on something when there is some kind of loud noise in the background that is distracting you, making it nearly impossible to focus on whatever you’re trying to focus on? Well I’m dealing with that on a daily basis. Now a lot of people will get distracted by different things, however the thing that’s distracting me day in and day out is my heating plus AC system. Our heating plus AC program is on its last legs, and seeing as it could break any day, it makes a whole lot of loud and disruptive sounds. Typically, I can expect it to make loud banging noises at random intervals throughout the afternoon. I’m sure you can imagine that for someone who is trying to focus truly on their work, this can be a major distraction. If you’re wondering why I do not just do something about our heating AC program, I actually have numerous reasons. For the first reason, I do not truly want to mess with it. Yes, the noise can be disruptive, however it is such a pain to have to call out a heating plus AC serviceman just to take care of the issue… The other thing is, I am expecting this to cost me a pretty penny, and I’m not so sure that I have it in my budget right now to make a major air conditioning upgrade or repair. When I talk to the heating and cooling serviceman, they all insist that the rattling sounds are likely reflective of bigger problems happening inside the machine. I don’t like the sound of that because it sounds expensive. In fact, I think I like the rattling sound of the air conditioning better than the sound of a big bill!

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