A strange noise was coming from my A/C device

My peaceful sleep was interrupted by an irritating buzzing noise.

I opened my eyes, and the sound was not from my dreams, it was coming from somewhere inside my home. I slowly got up and followed the noise. The noise led me outside, where my central HVAC unit was. Great, another issue to worry about, the central A/C device was now making a buzzing noise. I am no heating or cooling expert and so I have no idea what a buzzing noise is even supposed to mean. However, that would be an issue for me to deal with when the morning comes. I was able to fall right back asleep and I forgot about the air conditioner’s problem until the morning when I was reminded of it again as soon as the HVAC unit turned on. By then I was enjoying my breakfast, and I made sure to make a mental note to call the HVAC corporation when I was done. After my coffee, I went over and called the heating and cooling business. To my unfortunate luck, they weren’t even open yet. I had to call another HVAC company that opened earlier. It was from them that I scheduled a heating and cooling appointment to check out the buzzing noise. They were also more expensive, but I was impatient and just wanted to have this issue resolved, so I didn’t mind as much. The appointment is for this Friday, and I am curious to see what the issue is, hopefully nothing major.



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