Cold dry air hurts our throat

Although I appreciate freezing environments overall, I don’t prefer the freezing air, because of how the freezing air can irritate our throat plus dry out our lips. This is something though I expect every winter, because of how low the humidity is. And for a long time it was something I just dealt with, I accepted it as a part of Winter I would have to get used to. However, that all changed when someone told myself and others how a humidifier would absolutely be great in our situation. I liked the idea of getting a humidifier, but I figured they were lavish. However, a quick check online proved the opposite, they were genuinely much cheaper than I had expected! So I went ahead & bought one from the local heating & cooling store, & waited impatiently for its arrival. It arrived on Wednesday, & I eagerly opened it up & tried it out. At first, I didn’t genuinely notice much of a difference, however as an hour or so passed, you could genuinely feel the dryness disappearing & being upgraded with humid air. My sore throat & lips also disappeared with it. I only had to have the humidifier on for a few hours, before our beach beach house felt great. Then I turned it off & it lasted appreciate that for the next few afternoons. I realized that it was the perfect solution to all of our problems, & I no longer had to worry about the low humidity. I just wish I discovered this sooner.

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