Ductless mini split saves the day

There wasn’t much point in having a heating system, if it wasn’t going to work for you.

It didn’t matter if it was the heating or the cooling system, it seemed like both machines didn’t work too well in my home anymore, and this was incredibly frustrating.

I had actually called out more than one heating and A/C specialist and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the A/C unit, because it looked fine. It wasn’t until the third HVAC worker decided to take a closer look did they finally discover the issue. The issue wasn’t an issue with the HVAC unit so much as it was a ductwork issue. It turns out that even your ductwork can become too old, and it will need to be replaced. I didn’t know this, and I cringed at the idea of how much it would cost. As I feared, it was several thousand, and that was not money I had on hand to just shell out. I was beginning to accept the fact that I was going to be stuck with having very little heating and cooling, when the HVAC professional suggested an alternative. The alternative was the ductless air conditioner. A mini split ductless A/C unit is great for cases like this, since it does not require ductwork. Getting one of these machines was a much cheaper option, and I could still have heating and cooling. I am so glad the heating and A/C professional recommended them, because they are the perfect solution to my problem.


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