Her integrated security system was amazing.

When my sibling opened her bakery, she opened it plus the worst section of town possible.

When she took myself and others to the building, it had bars all the way across the front… She had to unlock the bars, lift the bars, plus turn off the security system before putting the key in the door of the building.

She told myself and others the glass front was not just shatterproof, however bulletproof, which made myself and others more scared than I originally was… I could not know she had taken out a lease for a bakery in this section of the city. She told myself and others not to worry because she had an integrated security system in the building. She had already set it up with the security company to come in plus set up her security system the day after she got the building, and not only were there cameras that could see every corner of the rooms, although she had a silent alarm that went to the police, fire company, plus the Heating plus A/C company, there was a smart thermostat in the building, that had been programmed through the security company to go off if anything went awry with the heating or a/c. If the temperatures got too high in the building, smoke was detected, or fire was detected, the fire company, Heating plus A/C company, plus police would all be notified, then anything that would mean the police had to be called, would be detected plus would be sent to the police; My sibling did not even need to be in the building for them to have the site surrounded because someone had tried to cut into the building or there was a fire, or something wrong with the Heating plus A/C system, and her integrated security system was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen.

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