I forgot to turn the air conditioner off

I felt a sense of dread as soon as I realized I forgot to turn the a/c plan off before leaving the house. The reason is because I was leaving to go to a educator’s meeting. I am 1 of the best educators in our school, plus they were sending us to a meeting that was over an hour drive away from our home. The meeting plus everything went okay, but instead of driving back home, I really wanted to care about some of the tourist attractions around the area. As I was looking at some marine animals, that is when I remembered about the cooling machine. Usually leaving the a/c equipment on is no big deal for everyone, but it is really bad for mine, since our air conditioner is really old plus could break any minute. Because of that, I try not to use it as much as possible. The a/c device was already giving a lot of signs of going to fail soon, plus that is why I was being so careful when it came to using it. The entire drive back, I couldn’t help but to worry. When I arrived home, I opened the door plus the first thing I noticed was that the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit was no longer on, not a wonderful sign. I tried to turn it back on, plus as I had feared, it had died plus was not coming on. Now I had to figure out what I was going to do without Heating plus Air Conditioning, because there was no way I could afford a brand new machine.


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