I need to figure out the AC

The weather in this area is getting intense, however everyday it is going to be in the 90s; What I dislike is that I work out in an outdoor shed that doesn’t have any AC.

I need to method my workouts accordingly.

The weather is at least 80 degrees by 11 everyday. It is only a great temperature before 9am. So for the warmest season I am setting an alarm as well as easily working out early to beat the heat. I only have a box fan in my workout shed however that only does so much. The shed feels love it is 90 degrees. I easily need to invest in a better cooling system. The problem is that I don’t guess what genre to get. I could get a window air conditioning device but I dislike to forgo the fresh breeze. I also feel that the appearance of window A/C is terrible. There are portable A/C units that sit on the floor. I am a pro gymnast. Every square inch of that shed section I am greedy for. I easily don’t want to supply up an immense corner for a giant cooling system. The only other way would be using a wall mounted device love a ductless mini split or heat pump. That is a lot of power for the size of my workout shed. I would not need it to have that much juice. Also with these systems I would be getting the heating function as well. Of course I would hardly use the heater. The cost of these ductless systems are quite high too. So what is my option for workout shed cooling in the warm season? I guess what I am doing right now isn’t sustainable. Eventually it is going to be far too hot.


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