I spent a lot of time worrying over the A/C unit

Anyone who knows me knows I love to worry, I can’t help it, it is just a part of who I am.

I like to worry about even the most minor of issues, because I am always concerned about the worst case scenarios.

I had something like that happen recently. My air conditioning component suddenly started making a weird rattling noise one day, and I knew for sure that it had never done this before. Naturally, this led me to worry about what the potential cause could be, and I couldn’t help but to fear the worst. It was incredibly hot in our area, and since we live in a desert environment, going without A/C can be dangerous. I immediately started thinking of the worst case scenarios, such as my HVAC unit breaking down during a heat wave and then I die from heat stroke. My friends assured me that I was over worrying again, but I wasn’t so sure. To put my fears to rest, I decided to call a heating and A/C company right now and get the problem taken care of. The heating and A/C business was able to send out a HVAC worker the same day, which helped ease my anxiety. When the A/C professional arrived, he pulled out a small piece of metal that had somehow fallen into the A/C unit, and that was the source of the noise. He told me my air conditioner looked just fine, and after that, the sound was gone. I am so glad that it was nothing major, and that my A/C still works perfectly fine.



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