I think I really should have chosen the other storage lockers

I have had a whole bunch of stuff in storage for the last more than two weeks plus today I went to get it out.

I was pretty enthusiastic to be able to get all of my stuff out of there plus turn in my key because I finally have an home of my own now, however for the last more than two weeks, my stuff has been in storage while I lived with my Grandparents plus tried to get back on my feet at my modern task.

Once I had more than two weeks of income, I was able to make a deposit for my modern apartment, plus here I am; Unluckyly, though, when I opened the storage equipment to get my stuff, I noticed that there was a light green sheen of mold all over just about everything. Apparently, down here in the south, stuff gets moist because of the humidity plus the storage buildings are not temperature controlled. I had no method that this was going to happen to me! There is mold on literally everything. I think you need a/c in your storage building in order to keep the mold from growing all over everything. This was news to me, though. I really wish that someone had warned me about this when I first moved my stuff into the unit. Well, actually, the people who work here told me that I should get a equipment with a/c, but I thought that they were just trying to get me to spend more cash, and looking back on it, I think that wasn’t the case at all.



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