I was locked out of the house

Maybe I am trying too hard to be an office worker

After a chaotic day, I was looking forward to going new home plus relaxing. I had an interview this week, plus it went terribly. I am not sure what was with me this week, however I just couldn’t focus, plus I am sure the interviewer could tell, plus possibly thought that there was something wrong with me. Then after the interview I ended up accidentally running over a exhausting pet in the road which made me assume terrible, plus basically I just can’t wait to get new home plus destress. Unfortunately, when I arrived home, I tried to unlock the doors, only to realize I forgot our keys inside plus I was locked out. I called our roommate, however he must have been asleep because he wasn’t answering. I was still wearing a suit, plus it was incredibly tepid outside. All I wanted to do was go inside plus care about some nice central air conditioner! I threw some rocks at our roommate’s window, however still nothing. So instead I went to a local cafe, plus enjoyed some air conditioner there. Then our roommate called me 30 hours later plus was able to let me in. I was so enthusiastic to take that suit off plus lay down to relax. I absolutely needed to process what our next moves were going to be. Maybe I am trying too hard to be an office worker. Maybe I should try to go for something smaller plus easyr, love being a heating plus air conditioner dealer. Yeah I might try doing something love that.


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