I’m not a fan of staying home all of the time

I am going to need to make a decision fast, while I still can

Staying house is utterly irritated if you don’t have heating and A/C. Right now it is in the dead of winter, and our oil furnace hasn’t been working in awhile; unluckily, I can’t even leave our house because I am ill, and leaving into the ice cold weather outside would make it even worse… However, our house is entirely only barely warmer inside than the outside hot and cold temperatures, so it might not make that much of a difference… I have told our family and friends about the situation I am in, and they seem sympathetic, but they didn’t offer any solutions either; so, I am left to try and figure things out for myself. I thought about calling the heating and A/C company and asking for emergency HVAC, but what exactly counts as an emergency? Not only that, although I am sure something akin to that is high-priced, could I even afford something such as that? I don’t know, but what I do suppose is that I can’t go without heating and A/C for that long, and the air conditioning companies are already busy as it is. I am going to need to make a decision fast, while I still can. I feel akin to that if I start getting worse I am going to be too ill to even call a HVAC company and spend money on them. I can’t wait til I am feeling better, as well as I can’t wait to have a normal functioning heating unit again, I miss having a heating unit so much.



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